Hotel ViverÈ Resort

A refined 4 stars hotel in Apulia for élite tourism, in the hinterland of the Salento peninsula, an ideal destination for a weekend and for holidays, for celebrating a marriage or any private event, for job meetings and international events.
ViverÈ Resort is an ancient 19th century dwelling, finely renovated without affecting the external view and the original characteristics of the building.
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The hotel is immersed into the majesty of a 19th century one hectare park, built on terraces with flowerbeds and stones in the "Italian Garden" classic style, has a plenty of different essences, among which palms and centuries-old pines. Close to the park there is a wood, 6 hectares of surface of Mediterranean bush, suitable for walks, wellness and tours. Moreover, to the Villa is annexed a 17th century small consecrated parish.

ViverÈ Resort realised all its services in accordance with the last energetic save rules (LED illumination, last generation lift with electro-mechanic power, inner control on the water consumptions, solar panels, rainwater collection, separate garbage collection).

Villa is built in a classic style with a wide portico, supported by columns and capitals in Lecce’s stone, as all the terrace balustrades and the window and door frames. Ceilings are built in intersecting, lierne and circular vaults in local stones.

The structure today has 8 finely furnished luxury rooms and 1 Suite.

All the furniture are in Giorgetti’s style, a symbol of Italian interior design all over the world, and it is in selected marble and wood.

In the central part of the Villa are located all the services: bar, restaurant hall for events and a big hall for parties and conferences.

In the park there is a swimming pool and a marvellous suite, immersed into the green.

ViverÈ Resort offers also an exclusive Beauty Farm service, where our guests may enjoy the maximum gratification for the body and its beauty, as well as full wellness treatments, wellness baths, massages and special programs for Ladies and Men.

Located few minutes from the characteristic historical town centre and from the main seaside facilities of Salento (Santa Maria di Leuca, Torre Vado, Lido Marini, Torre Mozza, Torre San Giovanni), we offer our customers an exclusive stay in the typical Salento tradition.

Give a glance to:

Beauty Farm

Elegance room with whirlpool bath and view on the park

Suite "Le Taiate"

Suite “Le Taiate”

Suite “Le Taiate” takes its name from the ancient denomination of the villa, which was built with the tuff extracted from the ground under the park and the close wood. Anciently it was the guardian’s house, a small stronghold with up to three-meter-thick walls. It has a queen-size bedroom with circular vault ceiling, a double room with lierne vaults and fireplace, a big bathroom in marble, whirlpool bath and a wide shower cabin. It is completely immersed into the Park.